painter of momentariness and movement, has been working since 1985 on every different style of expression of dance, circus, opera, music, music-hall, and more generally live spectacle. Since 1989 he has been working live, doing what he calls "graphic reports", using Indian ink, on a 50x32.5cm sized sheet of paper.

In private, in his workshop, sometimes in a total darkness around and listening to music, COSTIOU puts here and there on the canvas with acrylic colours, more movements and more feelings...

1947 Born in 1947, July, 10th, in Überlingen, Germany
1950 The family moves back in France. Set up near Tarbes (65)
1961 Studied painting and drawing at « l'Ecole des Arts of Tarbes » (65)
1963-66 Fine Arts Academy of Toulouse (31)
1966-67 National Fine Art Academy of Paris.
1968-70 Estienne School of Paris, Graphics and Conception section.
1970-74 Meeting Claude Roederer, who chooses him to become a Drawing Professor at the Roederer Art Academy, Paris
1971 Wedding with Juliette Fatta-Tauzia
1973 First Artist Studio in the Marais, Paris
1974 Costiou is appointed Senior Art Teacher at the Roederer Art Academy, Paris
1975 Meeting the Art Galery owner, Claude Hemery, Paris
1978 Meeting Lisette Malidor, an International Variety Show Leader
1980 Meeting Danielle Bellini, Director of Cultural events
1982 Starting of regular working sessions of drawing and painting, with dancers, acrobats and comedians
1983 Meeting Serge, a Circus historian
1986 Meeting the dancer Marcus Elman. First works as a drawer and painter of the body's movement.
1988 Meeting Marcel Riou of the Association of the "Racehorses Encouragement", Chantilly (60)
First Celtigraphies - Festival of Cornouaille, Quimper (29)
1989 Meeting Jean-Marie Goureau, a journalist
1990 Meeting Catherine Atlani and Marie-Pierre de Porta, founders of the Café de la Danse.
Starting of his graphic reporting about Modern Dance
1993 Second Artist Studio near Place de la Nation, Paris
1994 Meeting the Company Dos à deux, Artur Ribeiro and André Curti.
1996 Meeting Olivier Patey, Dancer at the Opéra de Paris
1997 Meeting Michel Marest and Paul Janssens, Earthenware Factory HB Henriot, Quimper (29)
2003 Meeting Samuel Santana, a producer in Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Meeting Jean-Luc Peheau-Ricau, person in charge of the Communication Office at the Moulin Rouge, Paris
Meeting Francis Arsène, "Alchemist of zinc".
2006 Meeting Daniel Murray, Composer and Mikhaïl Malt, Digital Musicien - Computer Music Director
Meeting Jean Guizerix, Principal Dancer at the Opéra de Paris
2007 Opening of a second Artist Studio in Britany, 28 quai Carnot, Concarneau (29)
2012 Meeting Simon Diner, Physicist and Philosopher.
Meeting Damien Shoëvaërt, Biologist - Biomathematician.


1976 Claude Hemery Galery, Paris
1979 City Hall of Pont-Aven, (29)
1984 Espace 3 Gallery, Troyes, Aube (10)
1990 Departmental breton Museum, Quimper, (29)
Exhibition "Génie de la Bastille", Cafe de la danse, Paris
1991 «Horse-riding Museum, Saumur (49)
1994 French Cultural Center, Jakarta (Indonesia)
Musée en herbe, Paris
1998 Manoir of Kernault, Regional Council, Mellac (29)
1999 Opéra Bastille Media Library, Paris
House of the Arts of Créteil (94)
Carmen Folliasson Gallery, Paris
2002 Halle Saint-Pierre Gallery, Paris
2003 Vidéo exhibition - Biennale de Danse du Val de Marne. Music Academy of Champigny-sur-Marne (94)
"French Alliance" of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Atelier d'Etienne, Pont-Scorff (56)
2004 Theater of Chuncheon, South Korea
« Traços da Bahia », State Library of Bahia, Salvador, Brazil
2005 "French Alliance" of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Trévarez Castle, Regional Council of Finistère (29)
2007 French Culturel Centre of Jerusalem, Israël/td>
2008 Jean Mermoz Institue, Saint-Louis (Senegal)
2009 City hall of Concarneau (29)
"Au fil de l'Art" Gallery, Quimper (29)
2010 Evelyne Héno Gallery, Paris
Dedart Gallery, Lyon
French Cultural Centre, Oran & Tlemcen, Algéria
Festival Si la mer monte L'île Tudy (29)
Quai 28 Gallery, Concarneau (29)
2011 Espace Terre Marine, Trégunc; (29)
Evelyne Héno Gallery, Paris
2012 Castle of Tronjoly, Gourin (56)
Quai 28 Gallery, Concarneau (29)


TOWNS Champigny-sur-Marne, Clichy-sur-Seine, Garches, Pont-Aven, Elancourt, Concarneau
COMPANIES Hermès, Moulin Rouge
MUSEUMS Breton Departmental Museum
Earthenware Musem, Quimper (29)
Museum of Arts and Popular traditions, Paris
Saint-Louis Musem, Senegal
LIBRARIES National French Library, Paris
Library - Museum of the Opera, Paris
INSTITUTES National Dance Centre, Paris


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